Pet urine cleaning - Marshalltown's Expert,
Ray Harris
Pet Stain & Odor Removal Method.
  • Step 1.  Thorough Pre-inspection.  We use a powerful Black Light and a moisture probe to determine the extent of
  • Step 2.  Present you with the results of our inspection and treatment options.  Allow you to choose the option that's right for
    you.  Depending on severity of contamination and your needs we can help you choose from a combination of the following
    treatment options:           1. Complete replacement of pad, re-sealing sub floor and deep flushing of the carpet; 2. Deep
    Flush of carpet and Pad. 3. Thorough cleaning. 4. Enzyme treatment.
  • Treatment option: Deep flush procedure with an extremely effective oxidizer of urine.
1.  Pour perimeter of 190 degree OSR to completely saturate            
carpet and pad.           
2.  Pour center area with 190 degree OSR.
3. Allow it to dwell for 30 minutes.  
4. Re-heat area to 240 degrees.  
5. Re-heat area a second time to 240 degrees.  
6. Extraction with "Water Claw" (a tool that compresses and
delivers incredible vacuum
to the carpet & pad)
7. Rinse twice at 275 degrees.
8. Optional Enzyme treatment.
9. Set up drying system.
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